When and how do I get my order?  Your gift certificate will be available to print immediately following your purchase.  A link will appear on the order confirmation page and will also be sent to the email address used when placing the order.

What if I have "old-style" certificates purchased prior to Print at Home?  Both old and new-style certificates will be accepted by participating businesses as long as the gift certificate has not expired.

Do I have to print out the certificate?  Most often the certificate can be used by displaying the PDF Gift Certificate on a mobile device (exceptions are noted on merchant pages), but we highly recommend you print the certificate.  This program is new and our businesses are best equipped to accept printed certificates.  

What happens when a certificate I want is sold out?  We've changed the way inventory is made available on the store so we hope you will see "Sold Out" less often.  For popular sellers, you'll need to check back often as inventory will be updated throughout the month.

Can I re-print a certificate?  The link included in your order email will allow you to print the certificate more than once.  NOTE that while a certificate can be printed more than once, it may be redeemed only one time.  Attempted repeated use of a gift certificate or other fraudulent behavior will result in penalties and possible ban from the Save30 Store.


What is the Save30Store? An online store selling full-value gift certificates at a 30% discount.

How does Save30 work for me, the buyer? You receive a 30% discount on all goods and services offered by the businesses you see on the Save30Store in the form of full-value gift certificates.

How does Save30 work for the business? Businesses with gift certificates on the Save30Store receive cash into their advertising bank each time a certificate for their particular business is sold.

When does my gift certificate expire? According to NC law, gift certificates are good for at least 2 years from date of purchase unless otherwise printed on the certificate.

Can I just call and place the order over the phone? No, all Save30 orders must be placed and processed online. You can use Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

What happens if I close out of my shopping cart and can't find my order for my personal record? An email will be sent to you from save30store@tideradio.com with a record of your order number, billing/shipping address provided, card used, items purchased and total.

Can I use more than one certificate at a time? Yes! You can buy as many certificates as we have in stock or as many as are indicated on the specific product page. You can use them to receive a 30% discount off of your purchase at whatever place of business you visit, whether a $100 meal or a $1000 lawnmower.

What happens if I try to use my certificates and they are rejected at the place of business? This is totally unacceptable! We will do our best to make sure this does not happen, but if your Save30 certificates are rejected either because of a conflicting promotion or discount, or because it is unrecognized by the employee, please contact us immediately at contact@save30.com

What happens if my certificates are lost or stolen?  The Save30 Store is not responsible for lost or stolen certificates.  Please take care to keep track of your certificates!