About Us

The Save30 Store at Hometown Radio. 

We're lucky because we have thousands of people who listen to our stations, read our newspaper, call us, send us emails or see us at local events and say "thank you" for playing the music we play and the reporting the way we do. Meanwhile, we should be thanking you, which is why we came up with the Save30Store.

We figured that if we went out and bought a bunch of gift certificates from lots of our advertisers, then passed them on to you for 30% less than their full value - that was a lot better way to say "thank you" than sending you a thank you note. 

The best thing about the Save30Store? You can discover the products and services of our wonderful advertisers at a 30% discount. 

Now, these aren't coupons. You don't have to buy 57 donuts just to get the 58th one free, or order seven complete dinners to get a complimentary slice of apple pie. There are no gimmicks. The certificates are good for their full value on everything you buy. Rare exceptions are disclosed before you buy them. You can buy as many as you'd like, and you can transfer them to anybody else. 

At first, it seems to good to be true. But, in truth, it's just too good to pass up.

Enjoy your shopping, and if you have any questions about the store - email me at tom@tideradio.com. I'll respond to you personally. Considering that I invented the Save30Store in 1998, and we've sold well over $2 million dollars worth of certificates all around the country, I should be able to answer your question. 

Thomas G. Davis
President, Local Voice