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Melissa the Coach- Financial Coaching

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What if you could be less stressed, less anxious and feel better about your finances?  What if you could no longer live a "paycheck to paycheck" financial lifestyle? What would it be worth to you? There is hope! Melissa has been where you are. She has the experience and proven method to get you out of debt and start living a healthy financial relationship with your money.

Meet Melissa the Coach - Change Changes Everything

Hi, I am the owner of Melissa the Coach, Financial Coaching.
My passion is helping people.
I am not a franchise.
I do not sell financial products.
So what do I do?
I help people. I change lives. I find hope.
I am a former teacher, a graduate and coordinator of Financial Peace University and an Independent Dave Ramsey trained Financial Coach.
I am an entrepreneur and small business owner.

Do you want to GIVE more, SAVE more and SPEND less?
Do you just need help with a plan, a purpose and maybe even some accountability to change habits with money?

Call Melissa to have a conversation over the phone. It will only take about 30 minutes, maybe not even that long. You let her know, in general terms, how she can help you and she will let you know if she can. Once you decide to work together, she will schedule a session.

Contact Melissa TODAY to schedule a time to talk. Go Change That!

MelissatheCoach@gmail.com or (910) 338-9612