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Battlefield Live

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Battlefield Live Wilmington (BFLW) is live interactive entertainment!  

It's a team sport like paintball, but without bruises or paint. Since there is no paint, there is no mess. BFLW uses infrared light just like your TV remote. Players shoot an invisible and harmless beam and there are great light and sound effects.  BFLW’s special digital technology is completely safe and may be used anywhere—outdoors or indoors. Most importantly, BFLW is completely mobile. They bring the excitement to you!

BFLW's aim is to promote outdoor recreation and sport activities using the popularity of video games and action-adventure movies - bringing Call of Duty, HALO, even the Walking Dead! to life.  This isn't your daddy's Laser Tag!

People of all ages and fitness levels can play. (To date, the oldest gamer was 88 years old!) BFLW's goal-oriented laser tag games promote camaraderie and confidence while providing participants with tons of fun!

They would love to talk to you about how Battlefield Live Wilmington can make your special event a BLAST!


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