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Atlantic Legal Service (Background Check)

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This certificate is good for one background check by Atlantic Legal Services.
In today's day and age, one can never be too careful. Rely on Atlantic Legal Services to provide you with a thorough background check. Whether you need reliable information on a tenant, employee, spouse, friend or online relationship, Atlantic Legal Services will provide you with meaningful information. Atlantic Legal Services is a full process service company and investigative agency with process servers and investigators in North Carolina as well as all other states and even other countries. Based in Wilmington, they serve all North Carolina counties. 
Background Checks include:     
Criminal Records, Arrests, Prisoner Information, Convictions, Alias(es), Bankruptcy Filings, Past & Present Addresses, Lawsuits, Real Age, Phone Numbers, Judgments & Tax Liens, Sex Offenders, Domain Name Ownership, Vehicle Ownership, Driving Records and More! 
Beware of "Background Check" web sites. The information they often provide is often free public record. The results are fast but often meaningless. The companies that sell this type of information are not licensed private investigators.  
Atlantic Legal Services-
(910) 233- 9973