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The Acupuncture Alternative (New clients only)

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Looking for a different route to dealing with your day to day stresses or aches and pains?  Try the Alternative!
At The Acupuncture Alternative, owner and operator Karen Vaughn, specializes in an ancient system of healing, one that stimulates the body's own innate healing responses.  Acupuncture directly influences the hormonal, nervous and immune systems, helping re-establish the body's energy balance. 
Trained in Australia and China, Karen has mastered the art of Classic Acupuncture.  At the Acupuncture Alternative every treatment is unique to the individual.  Whether it be Ptsd, stress, allergies, you name it, acupuncture can help. 
Come to The Acupuncture Alternative, in Oleander Oaks and let Karen treat you, not just your symptoms!
5725 Oleander Drive E-2
(In Oleander Oaks)
Wilmington, N.C. 28403